Said Dokins Highlights of 2018

HELLO 2019!

Dear friends, 2018 was a fantastic and intense year, full of challenges, and the greatest people around. I want to thank you all for your support and friendship, for being there, following my work and collaborating with me, and I hope you stay around because 2019 is arriving with tons of energy and new projects. As we organise the agenda, I’m super excited about the endless possibilities. I wish you the best for 2019. Happy new year! Said Dokins

IT’S A WRAP! Said Dokins Highlights of 2018

We want to share with you a selection of Said Dokins best murals of 2018 through images. Enjoy and feel free to share! We’ll keep you posted on Said’s new projects. 

Sleeping Languages in Queensland, AUSTRALIA

Said Dokins @saidokins, Sleeping Languages in Queensland, from the series Stories of a Word, 2018. Brisbane Street Art Festival, QUT University, Queensland, Australia. Photo: QUT University. 

These murals are an acknowledgement to the Traditional Owners of the lands of Queensland. A tribute to the Aboriginal people who have been displaced from their communities, their lands and who were forbidden to speak their language, perform their ceremonies and practice their culture.


Said Dokins @saidokins, Zanco, 2018. Zaanarte Festival, Zaachila, Oaxaca, Mexico. 

In this wall Said refers to the colorful characters known as “zancudos”: men who wear around 2-meter-long stilts to perform traditional dances during the carnival festivities in this community of Oaxaca.

Nos falta la realidad, IBIZA, ESPAÑA

Said Dokins @saidokins, Nos falta la realidad, from the series Stories of a Word, 2018. Bloop Festival, Ibiza, Spain. Photo: Leonardo Luna. 

In this intervention Said collected the words of the children of the community with the intention to call attention to their voices and make visible their value for the construction of citizenship.

Sunset / Valentina's feelings, SARDEGNA, ITALY

Said Dokins @saidokins, Sunset / ‘Valentina’s feelings, 2018. Festival della Resilienza, Macomer, Sardegna, Italy. Photo: Leonardo Luna.

For this wall Said transcribed the words of a young local woman who reflected on her condition as a migrant in Italy.

Identity and Difference, LA KARRIERE, FRANCE

Said Dokins @saidokins, Identity and Difference, from the series Stories of a Word, 2018. Street Art on the Roc, La Karriere, Villars Fontaine, France. Photo: Leonardo Luna.

In this Festival, the artist explored the notions of identity and difference among the community and visitors who provided words referring to their experience in that remote region. Said had the opportunity to paint on the plane stone of the ancient quarry, an extraordinary heritage site.


Said Dokins @saidokins, NÆRHET, 2018. Nuart Festival, Stavanger, Norway. In collaboration with Johannes Læringssenter Foundation. Photo: Leonardo Luna.

The word ‘nærhet’, ‘proximity’ in English, refers to the ways our individual experiences are shaped by our environment and how this can be disrupted through displacement and migration. Is spelled using the names and words collected by the artist through his interviews to the individuals from the Johannes Læringsenter Foundation, a resource center for newly arrived immigrants to Stavanger.

They The Lion Grow, DETROIT, USA

Said Dokins @saidokins, They Lion Grow, 2018. Murals in the Market, Detroit, Michigan, United States. Photo: Trevor Dernai.

This mural is composed by the lines of the poem entitled They Feed They Lion(1972), by the American poet Phillip Devine, best known for his poems about working-class Detroit.


Said Dokins @saidokins, Untitled, 2018. Village, Barcú Art Fair, Bogotá, Colombia.

This is one of the most striking interventions that Said did during his artistic residence in Colombia.


Said Dokins @saidokins, Stolen Suns, 2018. Pictopía Urban Art Festival, Medellín, Colombia.

This mural is inspired in the words of Mexican social activist, Rosario Ibarra de Piedra, who has spent her life searching for her son, disappeared by Mexican Government for political reasons during the 70s.


Said Dokins @saidokins, Nocturno lll |Vásárhelyi Night Session - Carpella 4b, 2018. Urban Art Laboratory, International Public Art Meeting Interactos, Telégrafo, Arts University of Ecuador, Guayaquil, Ecuador.

Said pays tribute to the great 20th century artist and his optical experimentation.