Said Dokins in Letrástica Festival

Said Dokins, Chalchihuites, Guadalajara, México, @LetrástcaFest. Video: La Musa Fea

Here you can find some pics and amazing video by Rodrigo Courtney from La Musa Fea Productions about the last huge wall by Said Dokins in Guadalajara, México for the International type design, calligraphy and lettering Festival Letrástica 2017

This mural is a tribute to ancient wisdom, indigenous cosmogony and ancient thinking and refers directly to the prehispanic rain god Tlaloc, represented by those two great circles made using calligraphy and the geometric elements that accompany them.
For Said Dokins there is a very strong relationship in the representation of the circle in multiple ancient cultures, he began performing these circular representations when he was a child studying Aikido and discovered in a book about Zen Buddhism, the practice of Ensō (円相), a way to cleansing the mind to prepare it for creation, is a hand-drawn circle made in one or two uninhibited brushstrokes with a Japanese brush, is one of the most typical subjects of Japanese calligraphy. In both pre-hispanic and Japanese culture the circle symbolizes the universe and the void, zero, flow and constant energy.

Chalchihuites / Said Dokins / Letrástica Festival from Said Dokins on Vimeo.