Said Dokins, Mujeres luchadoras americanas, 2016. Coachella Walls

Said Dokins, Mujeres luchadoras americanas, 2016. Coachella Walls. Downtown Pueblo Viejo. 1604 6th Street. City of Coachella. All photos by Med Sobio 33 Third Media

Hello there,
I want to share with you one mural that contribute to honor women's social struggle. I make this wall in the city of Coachella, California, for the "Coachella Walls" Festival, with the support of Med Sobio (33 Third Media) & Date Farmers. The theme Coachella Walls is working on this year is "American Women: a Homage to the Women of the Americas".

In this mural, I inscribe the names of some collectives and organizations lead by women, seeking and fighting for the defence of our human rights in Mexico and Latin America.

I include the First Feminist Congress of Yucatan of 1919, the Movement of Women Liberation of the seventies, the fight of Zapatists Women in Chiapas, Comité Eureka of Mexico (Comité Pro-Defensa de Presos, Perseguidos, Desaparecidos y Exiliados Políticos), the ANFASEP in Peru (National Association of Families of Kidnapped, Detained and Disappeared of Peru), the collective "Las Comadres" in El Salvador (Comité de Madres Arnulfo Romero), the movement Ladies in White in Cuba (Las damas de blanco), the Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo in Argentina (Madres de la Plaza de Mayo), the Mothers of Heroes and Martyrs in Nicaragua (Las madres de héroes y mártires), among other women social fighters in Latin America.