​Said Dokins Vesperide, 2016. Bordeaux, France.

Said Dokins Vesperide, 2016. Skatepark of Darwin Cultural Space, Bordeaux, France. Photo: Leonardo Luna

​Said Dokins Sun/Moon 'Die verborgene Schrift', 2016. Freiraumgaleriel, Halle, Germany.

​Said Dokins Sun/Moon 'Die verborgene Schrift', 2016. Freiraumgaleriel, Halle, Germany. Photo: Leonardo Luna

In Halle, another connotation is added to the project. It is an abandoned neighborhood, that is going through a recovery process. OpenSpaceGallery has created a recovery program through art, creating murals among other strategies of neighborhood improvement, which favor dialogue with the community, and also elaborate participative prognosis, where the inhabitants share their needs and inquiries.

Currently, their going through a stage of building community gathering places, including a park, music jams, discussion spaces, and the most important of all, they are creating strategies to avoid this improvements to led to gentrification, by intercede in public policies so the inhabitants can afford to buy their houses and improve them.
Links: http://www.freiraumgale rie.com/index.php/media- freiraum/videos

Said Dokins 'Die verborgene Schrift', 2016. IBUg Street Art Festival, Limbach Germany.

Said Dokins 'Die verborgene Schrift', 2016. IBUg Street Art Festival, Limbach Germany. Photo: Patrick Richter

This year, IBUg Festival took place in a small textile factory in Limbach, abandoned just after the fall of the Berlin Wall. The project “The Hidden Text”, attempts to elaborate a reflection on history and the marks that certain events leave behind. In Germany, the former division remains there in a different way, it's visible through architecture, people's life style, economy, or even social control and politics.
Links: https://www.facebook.com/SaidD okins/videos/1265699423440885/

Said Dokins, Mujeres luchadoras americanas, 2016. Coachella Walls

Said Dokins, Mujeres luchadoras americanas, 2016. Coachella Walls. Downtown Pueblo Viejo. 1604 6th Street. City of Coachella. All photos by Med Sobio 33 Third Media

Hello there,
I want to share with you one mural that contribute to honor women's social struggle. I make this wall in the city of Coachella, California, for the "Coachella Walls" Festival, with the support of Med Sobio (33 Third Media) & Date Farmers. The theme Coachella Walls is working on this year is "American Women: a Homage to the Women of the Americas".

In this mural, I inscribe the names of some collectives and organizations lead by women, seeking and fighting for the defence of our human rights in Mexico and Latin America.

I include the First Feminist Congress of Yucatan of 1919, the Movement of Women Liberation of the seventies, the fight of Zapatists Women in Chiapas, Comité Eureka of Mexico (Comité Pro-Defensa de Presos, Perseguidos, Desaparecidos y Exiliados Políticos), the ANFASEP in Peru (National Association of Families of Kidnapped, Detained and Disappeared of Peru), the collective "Las Comadres" in El Salvador (Comité de Madres Arnulfo Romero), the movement Ladies in White in Cuba (Las damas de blanco), the Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo in Argentina (Madres de la Plaza de Mayo), the Mothers of Heroes and Martyrs in Nicaragua (Las madres de héroes y mártires), among other women social fighters in Latin America.

Said Dokins & Monkey Bird. Festival Street Art Evry Centre Essonne, Paris, France

 Looking at the stars, 2016. Said Dokins & Monkey Bird. Festival Street Art Evry Centre Essonne, Paris, France / Photo: Said Dokins

This is my last collaboration with Monkey Bird collective for the Festival Street Art Evry Centre Essonne in Paris, France.Through these walls we explored the great questions of humanity in a dichotomic way. In one hand the mural 'Looking at stars' approaches the fascination of men with the universe, their allurement of stars and the conquest of what is beyond our perception. On the other hand 'The secrets of mind' looks into the mysteries hidden inside our head and the ways they had been interpreted through time.
You can see the video of the process here: https://vimeo.com/162632351

Devenir Animal Said Dokins & Monkey Bird. San Miguel de Allende

​'Devenir animal' (becoming animal). 2016. Said Dokins & Monkey Bird. Calligraphy + Stencil. Photo Leo Luna
This Project was support by Jesus Valenzuela and Klaudia Oliver from Tedx San Miguel de Allende.

You can watch the video here: https://vimeo.com/saidokins/said-dokins-monkeybird

For the first wall we did together in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, I came up with an interpretation of Monkey Bird's work. They usually depict animals in modern architecture contexts, that remind me of Deleuze concept of “Becoming animal”. With that in mind, the sentence featuring on the wall says: “Man becomes animal, but not without the animal becoming spirit at the same time”.