Said Dokins new walls in London

Black sun. Hackney wick. 2015 

I've done this walls in Hackney Wick, Camdem and Brickline with all the support of @globalstreetart  to commemorate one-year anniversary of the abduction and subsequent disappearance of 43 students from the Ayotzinapa's Teacher College in the Mexican state of Guerrero.

This is a series of calligrams of concrete poetry, featuring Rosario Ibarra's words:

"You will rise from any place, anywhere, to greet and hug me, and recover in that embrace, all the suns that they have stolen from me"
"They took them alive! we want them alive!

Rosario Ibarra is a social fighter for political disappearances in Mexico since the seventies.

The exhibition Graphictti / Inscribed Landscape is taking place in London in a wonderful new space, Hoxton Gallery (59 Old Street EC1V9). The exhibit displays works by several Mexican artists, showing part of the Mexican street art scene and also part of our culture and political situation in Mexico.

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All photos by Rodrigo Cervantes

Said Dokins, Mazatl & Fusca at Hoxton Gallery London

Mexican street artists Fusca, Acaro, Said Dokins and Mazatl present Graffictti / Inscribed Landscapes at Hoxton gallery - 59 Old Street.

Graffictti / Inscribed Landscapesbrings together five of Mexico's most diverse street artists to showcase the range of distinct voices coming out of one of today's most exciting countries for urban art. Responding to the current political and social situation affecting people living in Mexico, the artists explore a range of themes from the disappearance of 43 students in Iguala in 2014 to the ongoing loss of local traditions, customs and identity in the face of increasing globalisation. Many of the works reflect on the artists' personal responses to 'necro-politica' – the politics of death in Mexico.

Coinciding with the 2015 Year of Mexico in the UK, the exhibition is a point of artistic exchange and dialogue between Mexican artists and the London street art community, showcasing emerging talents in a unique collaboration. Employing a wide range of techniques and styles, including woodcut, painting, etching, heliographics and photography, the works in dis/appear reflect the changing landscape of contemporary Mexico.

Sol negro. Uruguay

Sol negro, 2015 Uruguay.

Esta pieza la realicé durante el Encontro de artistas Novos en Uruguay, muchas gracias a Conde y a toda la banda que apoyó para este proyecto.