Said Dokins artwork at Urban art efx Amsterdam


Many thanks Markus!

URBAN ART EFX - International exhibition of Urban Artists

12.05. - 28.05.2011 @ CBK Amsterdam

Check: www.urban-art-efx.com

13 international artists exhibit their artwork on canvas, photography, installations, sculptures. A big amount of the artwork is specially prepared for the expo!

All artists have a background in street-art but have developed their work taking a step up on their artistic expression. They are internationally recognised as key figures within their artistic field and expression and present a professional overview of the diversity of Urban Art.

Alex Fakso / Italy / www.fakso.com
MadC / Germany / www.madc.tv
Leyp Collective / Netherlands / www.leyp.com
Nasimo / Bulgaria / www.nasimo.org
Faith71 / Netherlands / www.faith71.com
Jenny Bhatt / India / www.jennybhatt.com
Mr. Zero / Hungary / flickr.com/photos/mrzero_c
Fat Heat / Hungary / www.fatheat.hu/
Penny / UK / www.onepennypiece.com
Rachel de Boer / Netherlands / www.floatingmedia.nl
Said Dokins / Mexico / saidokins.blogspot.com
SjocoSjon / Netherlands / www.sjocosjon.com
Woper Heroe / Spain / www.flickr.com/photos/wooperheroe/

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