Urban Art EFX at CBK Amsterdam

International exhibition Urban Art EFX at CBK Amsterdam

Amsterdam, 12.05.2011 opens Urban Art EFX, an exhibition presenting artwork of 13
internationally well-known artists.

Urban Stylistix presents the international exhibition Urban Art EFX Amsterdam, exhibiting 13
well-known artists from Holland, various European cities, Mexico and India alongside new
and upcoming talents from Amsterdam. The artists present paintings, sculptures,
photography and video art. The event includes a big international exhibition in the gallery
CBK and a local newcomer exhibition in the gallery Art Cage alongside a variety of artistic
activities and cultural side-events.

These include an Urban Art workshop for young people in cooperation with the CBK
Amsterdam, a family afternoon with guided exposition tours and bio-vegan cake buffet/coffee
corner as well as an audio-visual evening lounge-party. These events aim to create a social
space that supports communication and exchange among artists, audience and newly
involved participants or fans of all ages. Two artists present their own and recent
international book releases “Streetfonts” (Claudia Walde) and “Fast or Die” (Alex Fakso).
The gallery Art Cage hosts the exhibition opening of local newcomer artists including a
Persian dinner buffet, movie screening and acoustic live-music. The Sunday afternoon
performance that includes live painting together with acoustic world music and Persian and
Arabic food specialities will close the activities.

Nowadays Urban Art has worldwide acceptance and is widely publicized as a young art form.
It is recognised as multicultural, open-minded, tolerant and metropolitan. The Urban Art EFX
makes this art form more accessible to a broad range of visitors through an innovative and
professional exhibition.

All artists have a background in street-art but have developed their work taking a step up on
their artistic expression. They are internationally recognised as key figures within their artistic
field and expression and present a professional overview of the diversity of Urban Art.

Urban Stylistix M. Hinger - mh@urban-art-efx.com tel: +31 6 39 41 04 99
CBK Amsterdam M. Aksular – m.aksular@oost.amsterdam.nl tel: +31 20 253 5456
Website http://www.urban-art-efx.com

The Urban Art EFX has a fixed line-up of 13 artists from different European countries,
Mexico and India. All participating artists were selected by different criteria. They
have to be recognized as well-established artists in their specific genre and have a
unique, authentic and already developed style and artistic expression. They have
participated in the past in many international exhibitions and festivals and they are
known to be full-time artists. Besides that, they are as well recognised as key figures
within their artistic field through past reviews of their shows, internet- and print
articles and through the general opinion of people involved in the Urban Art culture:

Alex Fakso / Italy / www.fakso.com
MadC / Germany / www.madc.tv
Leyp Collective / Netherlands / www.leyp.com
Nasimo / Bulgaria / www.nasimo.org
Faith71 / Netherlands / www.faith71.com
Jenny Bhatt / India / www.jennybhatt.com
Mr. Zero / Hungary / flickr.com/photos/mrzero_cfs
Fat Heat / Hungary / www.fatheat.hu/
Penny / UK / www.onepennypiece.com
Rachel de Boer / Netherlands / www.floatingmedia.nl
Said Dokins / Mexico / saidokins.blogspot.com
SjocoSjon / Netherlands / www.sjocosjon.com
Woper Heroe / Spain / www.flickr.com/photos/wooperheroe/

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