Said Dokins & Mauricio Rodriguez en DA Festival de Artes Digitales en Bulgaria

Said Dokins & Mauricio Rodríguez (México) Re-birth, 1:31

Said Dokins & Mauricio Rodríguez (México) Re-birth, 1:31
Film & video programme “Abstract” 
17/09/2010, Friday, 17:00 - 18:00, Studio 7, Art Academy

An animation begins from the light photograph, with video programation and particles creation. Using the light as actor of change and permanence, its about a Heraclitus fragment: “Each day the sun, but always the same” We made an analogy using the light as the sun. The light is the conceptual source and the main material of work, as well the vital energy that we took all, it’s changes, mutant, contradictory like the problem of “identity and difference” raised in logic.

Said Dokins and Mauricio Rodríguez made this project altogether from the study of diverse strategies of urban graphic intervention, the programming of video, animation, movements of light and the use of the sound. Project with which they are working since the end of the year 2008. With the purpose of connecting knowledge, to experiment and to reach results of greater impact in diverse levels from each from its disciplines. Places where the work of the creators has been shown: 2009 Prize Second Place in non narrative animation, Cut out Fest. Festival The International of animation. Querétaro. 2009 Finalist in Art 40. CONACULTA. Library Jose Vasconselos. 2009

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