Said Dokins y Mauricio Rodriguez Finalistas en Digital Graffiti Festival at Alys Beach 2009

Said Dokins y Mauricio Rodriguez colaboran actualmete en un proyecto sobre graffiti de luz y multimedia. El prmer proyecto llamado METAMORFOSIS.

Este proyecto es una reflexión sobre la “hibridismo”, traducida en los cambios y las mezclas que puede tener una elemento gráfico como lo es el graffiti, es este caso se utiliza la energía lumínica como elemento de cambio. A partir de fotografías de graffiti de luz un sistema de programación, se genera un vídeo interactivo que consta de varios planos aleatorios y cambiantes a partir de valores numéricos, tags de graffiti posicionados en diversos lugares y planos en el espacio y que son sensibles a las variaciones de sonido, de este modo la luz se contrae o se expande dependiendo de los sonido altos y bajos, así mismo tenemos letras de graffiti de luz que se transforman a partir de valores numéricos y que funcionan como partículas ligeras que se mueven en el espacio dirigidas por el mouse o el teclado. De esta manera tenemos un graffiti abstracto de luz, funciona a partir de sentencias de las personas presentes, el vídeo muestra una de las diversas posibilidades visuales que tiene esta metodología de hibridismo y mezcla.

This project is a reflection on the "hybridism", translated into the changes and mixtures may have a graphic element such as graffiti, in this case the light energy is used as an element of change. From photographs of graffiti light a programming system, an interactive video that consists of several random drawings and changing from numerical values, graffiti tags are positioned in different places and planes in space and are sensitive to variations of sound, thus the light shrinks or expands depending on the sound high and low, and we have light graffiti letters that are transformed from numerical values and to function as light particles that move in space directed by the mouse or keyboard. In this way we light a graffiti abstract works from judgments of the persons present, the video shows a variety of visual possibilities of this methodology is that “hybridism” and mixing.

Fotografía Said Dokins
Video y programación Mauricio Rodriguez.
Música. Aphex Twin.

20May 2009

2009 Finalists Announced!

Digital Graffiti will be held on Saturday, June 6th.
Digital Graffiti will be held on Saturday, June 6th.
Organizers of the second annual “Digital Graffiti” festival said that they were overwhelmed by the high quality of submissions from local, domestic and international artists.
Digital Graffiti is the world’s first outdoor projection art festival, where artists use the latest technologies to project their original animations, videos and abstract imagery onto the iconic white walls of Alys Beach, Florida.
“We received entries from digital artists all over the United States and from 14 different countries, as far away as Thailand, Belgium, India, Italy, Australia and Brazil,” said Kelli Arnold, Events Coordinator. “The panel really had a tough time choosing our 2009 finalists.”
To help attract artists, the festival is offering $6,000 in cash prizes, including a $2,000 “Best of Show” award sponsored by the State of Florida Governor’s Office of Film & Entertainment ( and a $1,000 “Best Local Submission” award sponsored by All winners will ultimately be decided by a panel of celebrity and industry judges, including Andrés Duany, founder of “New Urbanism”; Alan Hunter, film producer and MTV’s very first “VJ”; Lucia Fishburne, The State of Florida ’s Film Commissioner; Terry Slaughter, President of Slaughter Group, an award-winning strategic design and branding firm; Colleen Duffley, professional photographer and owner of Studio b; Brett Phares, professor of interactive media at Marist College in New York; and author and marketing guru, Jonathan Salem Baskin.
India Hicks will host the 2009 festival.
India Hicks will host the 2009 festival (photo by Colleen Duffley / Studio b)
This year’s Digital Graffiti festival — presented by Cinemin™ Swivel pico projectors — will be hosted by international style icon INDIA HICKS, an author, Ralph Lauren fashion model, and host of Bravo’s Top Design television series. India is Prince Charles’ cousin, and is in line to succeed to the British throne. In fact, in 1981, India served as bridesmaid to Diana, Princess of Wales. She is also the daughter of legendary interior designer David Hicks, who was hailed by The New York Times as “the most famous decorator of his day.” India’s visit is sponsored in part by Studio b.
Tokyo-based VJ Shantell Martin — recently named one of the “Top 10 VJs” in the world — will perform during the festival, which will be held from 8:30pm until Midnight on Saturday, June 6th, rain or shine.
To purchase tickets or for more information about Digital Graffiti at Alys Beach, please visit
The following works have been selected for projection and competition during the 2009 Digital Graffiti Festival at Alys Beach:
  • “12 Seconds” by Florence Artur (Montreuil, France)
  • “Afterburner” by Gwen Vanhee (Zedelgem, Belgium)
  • “Bioform” by Matthew West (New Brunswick, NJ)
  • “Bubblegum Fantasy” by Devan Siumunovich & Nika Offenbac (New York, NY)
  • “Bulbs” by Zlatko Cosic (St Louis, MO)
  • “Coastal Dune Lakes: Beaches of South Walton” by Elam S. Stoltzfus (Blountstown, FL)
  • “Generative Flowers III” by Don Relyea (Dallas, TX)
  • “Ghost of the Walls” by Tim Portlock (Philadelphia, PA)
  • “JD’s Fun House” by John Daniel (Panama City, FL)
  • “La Sinceridad del Humo” by Walt Hartley (Minturn, CO)
  • “Lure of Sirens” by Lustre (Venice, CA)
  • “Metamorfosis” by Mauricio Rodriguez & Said Dokins (Cuauhtemoc, Mexico)
  • “Morphing - Aging Beauty part II” by Gwen Vanhee (Zedelgem, Belgium)
  • “Origami Butterfly” by Jonathan McCabe (Ainslie, Australia)
  • “Outside In” by Eric Marcus (Santa Rosa Beach, FL)
  • “Santa Rosa Beach Sand Prints” by Andrea Normand (Santa Rosa Beach, FL)
  • “Shine of the Ever” by Bryan Beasley (Santa Rosa Beach, FL)
  • “Stormcc1″ by Jonathan McCabe (Ainslie, Australia)
  • “Study on Human Form & Humanity #01″ by Lemeh42 (Italy)
  • “The Astronaut” by Mario Chejab (London, UK)
  • “The Color of Time” by Florence Artur (Montreuil, France)
  • “Ugly Mug on Lovely House” by Sean Michael (Birmingham, AL)
  • “zc-100-00a” by Matthew West (New Brunswick, NJ)
Although not selected for competition during the 2009 festival, the following “Honorable Mentions” will also be projected as part of a special courtyard presentation:
  • “Blue Monkey’s Maiden Flight” by Janis Sawyer (Seaside, FL)
  • “Conspiracy Theory” by David DeGregerio (Santa Rosa Beach, FL)
  • “Evolution” by George Cannon (Trumansburg, NY)
  • “Family Vacation: From City to City” by Lynn Nesmith (Seagrove, FL)
  • “Grave Concerns” by Karen Joslin (Tallahassee, FL)
  • “Icons of 30A” by Paul de Denus (Santa Rosa Beach, FL)

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